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Yin Yoga

The art of stillness in asanas

Yin yoga is a slow-paced type of yoga in which positions are held longer than usual (typically 2 to 5 minutes).

Yin Yoga is a simple and intense practice that teaches to relax the body deeply, calm the emotions, stimulate the vital energy of the meridians and organs, and prepare the mind and body for the  meditation .

yin yoga
Yin Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Start the day with awareness

A practice suitable for anyone . 

A lesson capable of releasing energy in the body both physically and mentally. To start the day in the best way . 

Through a dynamic approach consisting of asanas and breathing techniques (pranayama)

Practicing in the morning has a therapeutic function that can accompany the practitioner to fight states of anxiety, panic attacks and to better manage the rest of the day.

Be grateful for the day that begins and in your practice when you wake up express a thought of gratitude.

hatha yoga
Risveglio lento

Vinyasa Yoga

Strength, Flexibility and Balance

A dynamic practice. 

the mind of the individual is quickly absorbed in the practice, as the continuous succession of positions requires concentration, everything is  focused on a fluid and dynamic flow of movements . 

A daily practice of Vinyasa Yoga can increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, and reduce stress levels.

_Flow and Breathe Consciously_

vinyasa yoga
Vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Dynamic movements and ujjayi breathing

A challenging and dynamic practice.

It requires concentration and strength.

It is characterized by the combination of controlled breathing and the execution of asanas in series.

Through this practice that combines proper breathing   (Ujjayi), the  asana , il_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cfasa- 5cc3_b3b -136bad5cfasa-5cc3-3194-bb587_bad5cfasa 136bad5cf58d_ (breath synchronized to movement), i  drshti   (gaze direction) and the activation of the bandhas _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3bad5 are obtained infinite benefits .

The body is greatly strengthened, lightens considerably and becomes  super flexible . The mind, on the other hand, calms down, the  stress disappears  and the ability to concentrate increases.

La  first series , called “Yoga Chikitsa” (Yoga therapy), includes 75 asanas and takes 1 to 1.30 hours to complete.

_Rhythm, Breath and Strength_

ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga

Yoga in Pregnancy

Slow and conscious movements

You can practice yoga in any trimester of pregnancy, as long as you always listen to your body and its different needs without ever exaggerating.

While moving and stretching all the muscles in a soft way, you are able to become aware of your changing body, awakening its energy.

Furthermore, through yogic breathing exercises ( pranayama ), you will be able to regulate your emotional balance more easily: by relaxing and breathing with awareness you will pay more attention to the signals sent by your body and you will better connect with yourself and your baby.

_connect with yourself and your child_

yoga in gravidanza
Yoga in gravidanza
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